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Last Week, about, 30, 40 Bugatti have drive across BRICQUEBEC. What a nice event to see so many old and nice cars in the same place.

Sorry for the quality of the picture that have been taken throught the window of our office, with a mobil of poor quality!

Voilà, nous y sommes aussi.


Because most of the client have one, because the 25-35 years lod buyers spend their life on it, we have to carry on through pressure : we have our on Facebook page.

We just hope that in the futur, the fashion will not be to wear a pen where you know!!!

Here is the link to your Facebook page.

Show jumping, motocross, the Agence du Donjon is everywhere.


Added to show jumping, l'Agence du Donjon is present in Normandy on MX tracts. You can be sure that the week-end, when we stay home, we appreciate to be in our peacefull area.

The storks invasion.


Las year, we have seen one stork's nest in St SAUVEUR area. This year, we have managed to count three nest, always in St SAUVEUR area. I suppose that there is a good reason why the sorks like our area : it is a nice place!

Happy new year and new


The agency wish you and happy new happy for 2017!

After 17 years in the same décoration, it was time to do something. Of course, the paint do not come from Farrow and Ball. We are too posh to use
the same paint that every body (French humour)!

To finish, we have the frame to hang frames.

Les grosses têtes et l'immobilier.


C'est en se rendant à une estimation que nous avons eu l'occasion d'entendre à la radio, dans l'émission Les Grosses têtes de Laurent RUQUIER, ce qui suit :

A la question de Laurent Ruquier : "Quel film a remporté huit Oscars en 1954, se passait à Pearl Harbour, et qui fût le premier film sur l'attaque de Pearl Harbour ?"

Réponse, fausse s'entend, d'un célèbre agent immobilier, dont on vous laissera le soin de deviner le nom : "Apocalypse Now".
Nous vous laissons juge des décalages de temps : 1941 pour l'un et années 70 pour l'autre; et de lieu...

Pour ne pas mourir idiot, le film dont il s'agissait, est : "Tant qu'il y aura des hommes".

Partnership with a British agent.


Here is our new partner : Country Home France, an English agent. So, if you are looking to market your house, do not hesitate to contact us, or them.

Your house seen from the sky.


Sometime a pic from your house seen from the sky could be a plus. If you want to do that do not hesitate to contact North West Picture.

Here is their web site.

Paulette la Poule.


Here is a little video make to promote our area.

Paulette on Youtube

The average of price of the houses sold is: 87 000 .


Yes, the average on the last 30 houses sold by the agency is 87 000 .

That include BRIQUEBEC and SAINT SAUVEUR LE VICOMTE, knowing that on St SAUVEUR, the prices are lower than in BRICQUEBEC.

For sale since five years.


After spending 5 years to sunbathe, here is the apsect of a sign of L'Agence du Donjon.

It have just been replace by one of his brother brand-new, and we hope that next time it will be a sign "Sold by the agency", who will replace the new one, and this before 5 years time...

Mods are not dead ?


Today, about 10 scooters have drive across BRICQUEBEC. May be it was English owners who confused BRICQUEBEC and BRIGTHON ?

DPE : explanations.


Here you can find explanations on the famous Energies efficiency.

As dream most of the French people, it is not possible to buy a 2nd hand house in "A", and rare in "B or C".

After riding this docment, we hope that French people will be reasonnable, and that they will forget their dream of buying a second hand house with a good ranking.

Nice décoration.


Nice flag on the château of SAINT SAUVEUR LE VICOMTE, who make him nicer!

Nice score for the horse ball team of Les Pieux.


Two pictures front the French championship of horse ball, where the team from Les Pieux finished 3rd.

Le Cabaléo, new snack next to the beach in LES PIEUX.


Here is the facebook page of new bar that will open soon in Sciotot, a surf beach, next to Les Pieux.


L'Agence du Donjon support Les Pieux horse ball team.


Because that was asked kindly, we have offered a set of saddle pads for a children horse ball team for LES PIEUX, who will compete in the French Championship.

TESS, Roman POLANSKI's movie wall paper.


Most of the famous movie TESS, have been shot in La Hague. But we learn today, that some scenes of this film have been shot in SAINT JACQUES DE NEHOU.

The house, reference 2526, in one of her bedroom have some wall paper who came from the film set! Incredible story!



This week-end, next to SAINT SAUVEUR LE VICOMTE, saturday and sunday, we have seen this stork on the same tree.

Will she build a nest ? We will let you know.

The price go done.


In 2015, the price of the house have gone done of 4%, in La Manche.

Too up to date!


Now it is working, our web site is compatible with your smartphone. Wonderful!

Where the heat goes away ?


The French buyers are obsessed with the PVC windows double glazing.

When you see where the heat goes away, we are not sure it is reasonable to spend money to replace simple glazing windows in good condition, by new PVC windows.

But our clients love them...

New book from the French philosopher : J-Pierre Le Goff


En exclusivité voici la couverture du nouveau livre de l'équeurdrevillais/sociologue Jean-Pierre Le Goff.

Progress ?


In France, like in Brighton, and may be some other place, new toilets have been invented : no-sex toilets. In France now, some people demonstrate for this, because it create discrimination for the women, or the one who consider them as no sex.

In France, you can continue to have picture of children in magazine, you can continue to spank your children, your wife (if she like it), or you husband (if he like it). In france, only 10 % of the French girl use their smartphone (58 % in UK) want they make love. What is the best country, I don't know.


Skinflint a quality ?


For me : skinflint is a defect. But, because no one what to pay the price for things, a web site have been created :, in French :

Good new! We are kidding, of course, because, if no body want to continue to pay for music, building house... or a service, in 20 years, it will be impossible to buy something, because there will have nothing for sale!

If you add to that the purchase on the web, in 20 years again, there will have no more shop in our town center.


We add on is the cousin of We add on it to market houses.

New logo for the place to be in St SAUVEUR LE VICOMTE.


Coming back from Brighton, Céline and Serge have created a new logo who include perfectly their passion for the scooter, and the name of their bar-restaurant-pizza (Friday and Saturday night).

If you have never been there, run here, it is one of the best place in our area!

Price continue to go down !


As you can see, the French market continue to go down.

And you can notice too, that the medium price of a house in VALOGNES area is 124 000 !!! Come to buy us some !!!!

Eat pears!


We have found that sticker interesting, so we decided do share it with you. There is no something to add, I think ?

The school !


Here is a drawing coming for the French news paper Charlie Hebdo. He say "Rumors at school. It appears that you are going to learn to read and to write", what seem not to happen to 1/6 children nowdays.

reduced of 7,7 % !


Watching the notaire statistics, the price of the house have drop of 7,7 % in our area in the last quater... When will it stop ?

Level of life !


Here you can find the amount of money earn per year by a family in La Manche.

Each little peace of the puzzle is a village. As you have understood, the North of the peninsula is richer than the South (Bricquebec and St SAUVEUR included).

Good news ?


The Crédit Agricole have order a survey. The conclusion of it, say that the price of the houses in France are too expensive of 15 % !!!

Storekeeper !


Here are 3 pics of shops, owned by the parents, the grandparents and defer grandparents of one of the members of l'Agence du Donjon.

For the little history, those 3 shops where in a perimeter of 50 meters in the same street in EQUEURDREVILLE, a town attached to CHERBOURG.

Wellington boots


How do we recognize the Parisiens when they are in holidays in our area ? They wear wellintgon boots, even in town.

Laurent BAFFI and the


The French humorist Laurent BAFFIE have make a dictionnary. Here is one definition who concern "immobilier". Here it is :

"A snail is a slug who have manage to get a property".

Douceur de lait !


New in Saint Sauveur le Vicomte ! The shop Lait Douceur de Normandie, who was in the past in Hautteville Bocgae, have removed for a very nice new shop in Saint Sauveur le Vicomte. Let's have a look to it, their jam "confiture de lait", are very, very good !

A 3rd one working at the agency.


Now we are three working at the office.

Sexualy neutral.


In Sweden, a catalog for toy want special page "sexualy neutral" : no toys for boys, and no toys for girls.

All the toys should be for boys and girls.

As you can see on those pics, in the future, girls and boys can be serial killer.

Very nice.


Lets have a look to the support of the exhaust pipe. This picture have been seen on a web site of vintage dirt bikes.

Nothing to say about the fitting of the pipe, it is just his support who make us smile!!!

Feminization of the jobs.


In 2000, on the 14 notaires who was established around us, only one was a woman.

Since 2011, it is now 9 man and 5 women who are notaires.

100 % of the notaire who have been remplaced, have been by a woman.

Moto-cross and show jumping.


Last week-end (12/13/14 of October 2012), in St-Lô, they were a big international show jumping ***.

M. BOUGIE, who write for the French magazine : Equin Normand, have make those pics of Julien Epaillard (actualy in the 50 th Word ranking list), and Marvin MUSQUIN (twice Word Champion in Motocross MX2). Thanks a lot to him, to give us the possibility to put them on our website.

Julien EPAILLARD, MX fan, must have been happy to meet one of the best Frenc rider.

See the magazine there

Visit on a Saturday = rotten week-end.


It's funny, but when you visit a house a Saturday, you are nearly sure that you will sell nothing...

Fate ?


Strange fate, but last Friday night, 3 SAAB estate was park on the car park in front the bar/restaurant Le Rideau Cramoisi.

New job ?


Because, my parents were "charcutier", the day my aunt give me this sign, I have not resist to paint it to the "colors" of the Boulland butchery. Here is Boulland, father and son !

Swedish art ?


This picture have been taken in our area.

This is not art, but simply a joke from his owner, who have put it like that in is garden.

changement de look!


Si vous trouvez que les maisons construites dans les années 50/60 sont un peu démodées vous pouvez vous inspirer de ce couple qui a opéré un total changement de look à ce pavillon a toit 4 pans qui manquait de style:
Une idée à suivre? non?
Ci joint le lien vers le site maison à part:

A very nice pâtisserie.


In France a pâtisserie is not the same shop than a bakery.

In Saint Sauveur le Vicomte, we still have a pâtisserie. Here every thing is make by M. LETEMPLIER, him self !

The cakes and chocolates are very good, and cheap !



Nice place, may be unknown by a lot of people. Don't you have the impression to be in the movies IF or MAURICE ?



The man (on the left) is a famus French sociologist. For the little history, his parents live in BRICQUEBEC.

Dressage at Les PIEUX.


Here is a pic of the dressage organised at Les PIEUX, where we were "sponsor".

Just for fun.


We have seen this advertise for a TV chanel, that we do like. Just to explain you, "culotte de cheval", mean : pant to pratice horse riding and "big legs" too...

Balloon in the sky of TAILLEPIED.


In August, which is very rare, we have seen a balloon in the sky of TAILLEPIED.

Les détails qui tuent!


If we are estate agent, it is because we like (love ?) nice old house. Here are some example.

84 % of the houses sold, are sold under 150 000 .


In la Manche, 84 % of the houses sold are under 150 000 % (exactly 59 % under 100 000 and 25 % between 100 000 % and 150 000 ).
That mean that 16 % of the properties sold in 2010, was sold with a price over 150 000 ....



Forsal : that roughly, that way it is writyen in French, what should be "A VENDRE". A little detail : the owner of the house is French.

L'Agence du Donjon on the French TV : TF1.


Lats Wednesday, 2 journalist from the French TV : TF1, come to enquired about the fact taht a few English people expect to sale back their French properties.
Mark Berridge, friend of an English owner came wioth us to explain the reason why some English people sale back their property.

Us, in the local new paper.


Mme BELLEUX, journalist for La Presse de la Manche, have came to speak with us of the fact that some Englsih people expect to sale their property, to go back to UK.
As you know this is due to : the strong euro, the bad ferries line from Cherbourg and some time the age of those people who expect to finish their life in their country.



Each year we have to pay a tax to support school who learn a job to young people.
So this year, because we are interested in horses, we have decided to give the amount of the tax to a school based in South of La Manche, who teach how to breed horses.

Properties with land.


We are looking for properties for sale with land.
If you know some body who get that for sale do not hesitate to contact us.

Publicity in La Presse de la Manche.


To explain how we work, we have bought a 1/4 of page in the local new paper : La Presse de la Manche.