Dressage at Les PIEUX.

Here is a pic of the dressage organised at Les PIEUX, where we were "sponsor".

Just for fun.

We have seen this advertise for a TV chanel, that we do like. Just to explain you, "culotte de cheval", mean : pant to pratice horse riding and "big legs" too...

Balloon in the sky of TAILLEPIED.

In August, which is very rare, we have seen a balloon in the sky of TAILLEPIED.

Les détails qui tuent!

If we are estate agent, it is because we like (love ?) nice old house. Here are some example.

84 % of the houses sold, are sold under 150 000 €.

In la Manche, 84 % of the houses sold are under 150 000 % (exactly 59 % under 100 000 € and 25 €% between 100 000 % and 150 000 €).
That mean that 16 % of the properties sold in 2010, was sold with a price over 150 000 €....


Forsal : that roughly, that way it is writyen in French, what should be "A VENDRE". A little detail : the owner of the house is French.

L'Agence du Donjon on the French TV : TF1.

Lats Wednesday, 2 journalist from the French TV : TF1, come to enquired about the fact taht a few English people expect to sale back their French properties.
Mark Berridge, friend of an English owner came wioth us to explain the reason why some English people sale back their property.

Us, in the local new paper.

Mme BELLEUX, journalist for La Presse de la Manche, have came to speak with us of the fact that some Englsih people expect to sale their property, to go back to UK.
As you know this is due to : the strong euro, the bad ferries line from Cherbourg and some time the age of those people who expect to finish their life in their country.

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