The average of price of the houses sold is: 87 000 €.

Yes, the average on the last 30 houses sold by the agency is 87 000 €.

That include BRIQUEBEC and SAINT SAUVEUR LE VICOMTE, knowing that on St SAUVEUR, the prices are lower than in BRICQUEBEC.

For sale since five years.

After spending 5 years to sunbathe, here is the apsect of a sign of L'Agence du Donjon.

It have just been replace by one of his brother brand-new, and we hope that next time it will be a sign "Sold by the agency", who will replace the new one, and this before 5 years time...

Mods are not dead ?

Today, about 10 scooters have drive across BRICQUEBEC. May be it was English owners who confused BRICQUEBEC and BRIGTHON ?

DPE : explanations.

Here you can find explanations on the famous Energies efficiency.

As dream most of the French people, it is not possible to buy a 2nd hand house in "A", and rare in "B or C".

After riding this docment, we hope that French people will be reasonnable, and that they will forget their dream of buying a second hand house with a good ranking.

Nice décoration.

Nice flag on the château of SAINT SAUVEUR LE VICOMTE, who make him nicer!

Nice score for the horse ball team of Les Pieux.

Two pictures front the French championship of horse ball, where the team from Les Pieux finished 3rd.

L'Agence du Donjon support Les Pieux horse ball team.

Because that was asked kindly, we have offered a set of saddle pads for a children horse ball team for LES PIEUX, who will compete in the French Championship.

TESS, Roman POLANSKI's movie wall paper.

Most of the famous movie TESS, have been shot in La Hague. But we learn today, that some scenes of this film have been shot in SAINT JACQUES DE NEHOU.

The house, reference 2526, in one of her bedroom have some wall paper who came from the film set! Incredible story!

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