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Progress ?


In France, like in Brighton, and may be some other place, new toilets have been invented : no-sex toilets. In France now, some people demonstrate for this, because it create discrimination for the women, or the one who consider them as no sex.

In France, you can continue to have picture of children in magazine, you can continue to spank your children, your wife (if she like it), or you husband (if he like it). In france, only 10 % of the French girl use their smartphone (58 % in UK) want they make love. What is the best country, I don't know.


Skinflint a quality ?


For me : skinflint is a defect. But, because no one what to pay the price for things, a web site have been created :, in French :

Good new! We are kidding, of course, because, if no body want to continue to pay for music, building house... or a service, in 20 years, it will be impossible to buy something, because there will have nothing for sale!

If you add to that the purchase on the web, in 20 years again, there will have no more shop in our town center.