New floor.

After 20 years, it was time to change our floor.

What is a "trumeau" ?

Qu'est-ce qu'un fjord ?[/LIEN]What is a "trumeau" ? It is a mirror who is fit above a fire place. In our sale agreement, it is said that the seller do not have to take them away.

New logo !

Many thanks ADN pics for this new logo. In a few weeks we will have too a brand new web site!


Last Week, about, 30, 40 Bugatti have drive across BRICQUEBEC. What a nice event to see so many old and nice cars in the same place.

Sorry for the quality of the picture that have been taken throught the window of our office, with a mobil of poor quality!

Voilà, nous y sommes aussi.

Because most of the client have one, because the 25-35 years lod buyers spend their life on it, we have to carry on through pressure : we have our on Facebook page.

We just hope that in the futur, the fashion will not be to wear a pen where you know!!!

Here is the link to your Facebook page.

Show jumping, motocross, the Agence du Donjon is everywhere.

Added to show jumping, l'Agence du Donjon is present in Normandy on MX tracts. You can be sure that the week-end, when we stay home, we appreciate to be in our peacefull area.

The storks invasion.

Las year, we have seen one stork's nest in St SAUVEUR area. This year, we have managed to count three nest, always in St SAUVEUR area. I suppose that there is a good reason why the sorks like our area : it is a nice place!

Happy new year and new

The agency wish you and happy new happy for 2017!

After 17 years in the same d├ęcoration, it was time to do something. Of course, the paint do not come from Farrow and Ball. We are too posh to use
the same paint that every body (French humour)!

To finish, we have the frame to hang frames.

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