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Feminization of the jobs.


In 2000, on the 14 notaires who was established around us, only one was a woman.

Since 2011, it is now 9 man and 5 women who are notaires.

100 % of the notaire who have been remplaced, have been by a woman.

Moto-cross and show jumping.


Last week-end (12/13/14 of October 2012), in St-Lô, they were a big international show jumping ***.

M. BOUGIE, who write for the French magazine : Equin Normand, have make those pics of Julien Epaillard (actualy in the 50 th Word ranking list), and Marvin MUSQUIN (twice Word Champion in Motocross MX2). Thanks a lot to him, to give us the possibility to put them on our website.

Julien EPAILLARD, MX fan, must have been happy to meet one of the best Frenc rider.

See the magazine there